Makeup & Modeling jobs weekend

It’s been awhile didn’t post here coz was very busy for a fashion brand to do makeup & styling for their fashion shooting and the next round is coming which I’m so exciting to do it again.

By timing being, this weekend was busy as usual to me which I love it!!
Firstly, I did a natural makeup and one creative makeup looks for a Miss Ukraine on yesterday.
For today, the mother’s day and I wish all mothers got a great day! For me luckily celebrated it a week before so I can managed to do makeup and modeling jobs today! It was long and I looked tired all day long but thanks God it was stopped raining when we did photo shooting! I did two makeups and a hair also I’m one of the models today too even stopped doing it awhile, still fun and happy for the total look. Also met “Charly angel” family in between shooting and the baby girl was so cute!
Right, it’s time for me to call it a day and I need some rest for next week started tomorrow, here are some photos I wanna share with you guys!!
Last but not least, feel free to contact me for any makeup enquiries.
Love xoxo
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