Group photos after 2nd round fashion shooting

Finally I managed to squeeze sometimes here to share with you guys our group photos after the second round of incredible fashion shooting for REPEAT on 24 May.
It was so much fun and good time to work with everyone there and we all got along so well which made the shooting very smooth, even got everything done before the original schedule. Honestly, last Friday was a bit complicated feeling because I was so happy that we all managed so well for this fashion shooting but at the same time, I was a bit sad too because that called the day for second round. I gonna miss all these people and the scarves, well maybe you guys think that strange by missing the scarves but in fact, you have no ideas how much fun we got with playing that during the shooting. Anyhow, I’m truly looking forward to the next round and many more in the future. I also can’t wait to share with you guys our final fashion photos.
Last but not least, I hope you guys have a great day to start and if you have any makeup enquiries, please free feel to contact us anytime!!
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Love xoxo

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