My different Easter looks

The Easter holiday soon gonna be finished and most of us gonna back to the normal working day tomorrow. I wonder what you guys done on this holiday and how did you look like each day.
I was very busy for this holiday to do different kind of makeup on models for photo shooting and here were some of my looks carried for the makeup outjobs. Also did one outfit fitting last night too. This holiday really meant a lot to me and I able to make used of my time to do something I really love and met different nice people, of course sometimes wasn’t good and happy about when someone just pull out last minute for the makeup shooting which we confirmed every detail and end-up I need to ask others as favor to fill the spot. Frankly, this is totally not the way I do and sorry I’m not a big fan for who did that to me with bunch excuses. That just not work me and I think that is so unprofessional.
Anyhow, even things happened, I still able to meet some awesome models and do some nice and creative makeup which I just can’t wait to share with you all. Again, thanks so much for whom came for my makeup shots during Easter holiday and I do hope you guys and the photographer Tim enjoyed it as much as I do. Also thanks again for Tim to occupy my time for doing something I love and passion with then I don’t need to thing of something pointless.

Right, time for me to get some rest and get ready for tomorrow working coz it was long day for me today and wasn’t sleep well last night, but don’t worry I will share the makeup I had done these days once I got from photographer Tim.

Last but not least, if you have any makeup enquiries, please do drop me a line on facebook or e-mail.

Have a good night to you all!!!

Easter - beauty makeup   Easter - beauty makeup   Easter - beauty makeup   Easter - beauty makeup

Love xoxo
Ki Ki L.

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