Headshot makeup – Haylee

Headshot Makeup

Hey guys, this is one of the final version of the headshot makeup outjob done on 28 March 2013. You always can check more about this section on our Facebook page.

Last couple days were so busy and quite exhausted. If you see me in real and you probably can see the “exhausting” wrote on my face!! Hahaha even so, I was still really enjoyed especially the last weekend coz I had done 4 natural makeups that similar to this one to show the best side of models also done two awesome creative makeups! I am really happy for the outcome of the creative makeups that I’m really satisfied and so proud of myself for that, of course also the photographer Tim and models!! Without them, I can’t did such amazing thing and I just can’t wait to share with you guys the final version of the images!! So please keep eyes on my Facebook page and here as well!!

Right, gotta go and will back to Hong Kong late tomorrow evening so if you have any makeup enquiries, feel free to drop me a line on facebook or e-mail.

Headshot Makeup

Love xoxo

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Headshot makeup – Jessica

Headshot Makeup & Creative one

Right, finally got time to post the final images of the headshot makeup and creative one I done on 16 March. I’m very happy with the outcome and I hope you guys like that as much I do too.
In last a few days, I was trying to keep myself very busy and exhausted so able to sleep at nights coz something happened and I didn’t wanna share it here yet and I need to think the ways to sort it out first but don’t worry guys, I know what I am doing and I’m totally fine. Just wanna keep myself busy all the time especially for makeup coz I really love doing it and that help me to totally focus without thinking anything else.
Therefore, always feel free to drop me a line for any makeup enquires!
Ermm don’t know much else to say here for the moment coz really exhausted after hell training and probably just sleep straight away when I got home and hopefully I got my energy back tomorrow for makeup outjob again!

Have a good good nite to you all!

creative - jess   creative - jess



beauty - jess









Love xoxo

Ki Ki L.



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Headshot makeup backstage (Part I) – Stephen

Sorry guys for taking so long for posting my outjob picture coz been busy on very full schedule of makeup outjobs lately. And I just done another one today even my stomach is not good today and that’s suck to have such pain while doing jobs. It only helped a bit after taking pills but I probably just head home and get some rest coz I need to recover for tomorrow and Sunday jobs too.

Right back to my Outjob today, this was the first session the day and I did two style for him. One was natural look and one crazy demon style. He just nailed both of them and with wide range face expression. He is really impressed! Tim (photographer) and I were very surprised that he can even do “Jim Carrey” face! I really enjoyed doing makeup with him plus he is so hot, isn’t he?

For second session, I did makeup for a sweet girl and I will share the photos to you all later.

Right, time for me to get some rest now and get ready to fight for tomorrow makeup.

backstage-Stephen   backstage-Stephen

Ki Ki L.

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